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    Posted on 30 Oct 2015

    21 Stages Of Getting Roasted By Your Squad

    Straight fire and heat.

    1. When you're minding your own business and the squad come out of nowhere.

    2. And suddenly all the heat is on you.

    3. So you sit there pretending you aren't hurt AF.

    When the squad roasting you in the group chat

    4. And you have to front like you didn't even hear it.

    When the squad roasting you & you take it to heart but trying to be a good sport about it

    5. Even though you're fuming on the inside.

    When the whole squad roasting you and you lowkey mad

    6. So you bottle up your feelings the best you can.

    When yo boys roast you good but you don't want them to know yo feelings is really hurt

    7. But there's always someone that pushes it a step too far and you crack.

    When the squad is roasting you and you've had enough..

    8. Then you think about it and remember you have fire to throw too.

    9. So you just chill and wait.

    “@TedOfficialPage: The look when someone is trying to roast you and you about to end them in one sentence ”😂😂

    10. Until you decide to turn the tables and unleash your fury on the squad.

    When you use your photoshop skills to make hateful memes for the squad

    11. And you gather all the ammunition to release at the right time.

    When you find new memes to send to your squad when they're being dumbasses 😂

    12. You get straight into dispelling all the shit they got wrong.

    When you getting roasted and you about to hit em with some facts

    13. And you make sure you get the last word in.

    when you finish roasting a hoe and they say something under their breath

    14. You give your all because you have to cook them harder than they did you.


    15. Then you say something wrong and realise you fucked yourself up.

    When you laughing in a roast session and someone says "Boyyy I know you ain't laughing"

    16. And you end up contemplating if your squad are really your friends.

    When you're getting roasted in the groupchat and you start thinking "are these really my boys?"

    17. Then you suddenly realise you're in for round two of the roasting.

    when it's ur turn to get roasted in the group chat

    18. And now you don't have anything left to say.

    When the whole squad start roasting you

    19. Or any comebacks to defend yourself.

    20. So you admit final defeat until you get the opportunity again...

    21. ... and then you hit them a final time with straight fire.

    When the homie you always roast on die and you go to his funeral with some more heat

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