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America, Vegemite Is Actually Delicious, You’re Just Doing It Wrong

Treat it right, eat it right.

Hi I'm Michelle and I'm Australian, so naturally I love Vegemite.


I mean, like really love it.


However, there are bunch of people who just fucking hate it.

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Um, OK, ouch. Tell me how you really feel, why don't ya?

Guys, you need to stop. The only reason you hate it is because you're doing it wrong.

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You need to stop the insanity of eating it in spoonfuls.

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And you need to stop slathering it on so goddamn thick.


You can only eat Vegemite one way: on crunchy toast with a layer of butter and a thin layer of Vegemite.


Sure, you can top it as you wish. Some people like cheese; the more adventurous go for an avo.

But the one constant here is LESS IS MORE.


So guys, before you complain, do it right.


It's the only way you can be a happy little Vegemite. 🌞

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