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What Was The Urban Legend From Your Country That Scared You The Most?

Yep. I'm sleeping with my lights on tonight.

Around the world, we've all heard some creepy urban legends that scared the shit out of us as children.

Stories that have seared themselves into our minds, that we know aren't true but still somehow think might be.

Maybe the story of the cursed Licca-Chan doll from Japan, who would haunt you if you threw her away, made you super cautious.

Perhaps the Greek legend of the WWII soldier, who comes back from the dead to seduce and impregnate women in the hope that his sons will avenge his death, still spooks you.

Or maybe the recording from the Siberian Well to Hell really just kept you up at night.

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Whatever the super creepy urban legend from your country was, we want to know!

Share your fear-inducing stories in the comments below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!