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21 Chub-Rub-Fighting Products That Real People Actually Swear By

Praise be to the anti-friction gods!

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favourite products to fight chub rub. Here are 21 of the best pain-reducing items:


(Keep in mind that what may work for some may not work for you. Use this list to get ideas and figure out what your body loves the most!)

1. Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

"Silky Underwear from Lush!!!! It leaves your skin soft, matte, and smelling good! It also works REALLY well for the boob sweat, y'all." –maddyreneh

2. Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel

"Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel: Goes on like a gel, dries like baby powder!


3. Gold Bond Friction Defense Stick

"Gold Bond Friction Defense! I've done two half marathons now, and know for a fact that my legs would not have survived without this product. It's totally invisible, and works great whether you're doing a long run, or know you'll be in shorts/a skirt all day. It's truly the only thing that's worked for my legs!" –betsyk4de00c8f8

4. Bandelettes

"Bandelettes! They're these cute thigh bands that basically do the same thing as wearing shorts under a dress, but they're a lot cuter and more comfortable. They come in a variety of colours and designs, so if you don't want to have black lace, you can still do solid nude." –alexisquinn730

5. TriSlide Anti-Chafe Continuous Spray

"My mom found TriSlide on Amazon as a 'Deal of the Day' and it's seriously AMAZING! It's a continuous spray that, at first, goes on a little oily, then dries down to a silky finish that is heaven on the thighs. Seriously, I want to shout about this product from the rooftops!" –morganw45332c526

6. Curash Anti-Rash Baby Powder

"I use Curash, which is really for nappy rash but works wonders if you don't mind all the white powder lying around." –Maddie Blackmore, Facebook

7. Lanacane Anti-Chafing Gel

"I swear by Lanacane's anti-chafe gel. It's amazing and really works! I use it on vacation and it last for hours, even with all the walking in the heat. Best of all, it also heals chafed skin, and efficiently too." –Wendy Davis, Facebook

8. Spandex shorts

"Spandex shorts. I won't lie, I'm a thick girl. Idgaf if you see them poking out from under my denim shorts because this girl is remaining chub-rub-free." –Sammie Therriault, Facebook

9. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder

"Snake Brand Cooling Powder! Feels amazing when you put it on and it really helps. I have yet to test how it holds up over a whole day. But I did survive hours at the beach without any chafing (from salt water and friction) which, to me, is a life saver." –Allison Brombach, Facebook

10. Stick Deodorant

"I've tried it all, and unscented deodorant is my holy grail. Gives you a little anti-friction barrier AND stops any sweating, which is a big irritation factor. Nothing else ever came close when I was at my heaviest." –Ashley Lowe, Facebook

11. Vaseline

"Everyone needs to have petroleum jelly. It's great for dry skin, dry lips, AND chub rub. I got a small jar at my local drugstore, and this little pot of magic stayed with me during Coachella and EDC. Small, compact, versatile, and cheap." –c404826e35

12. Undersummers

"Undersummers! They're the best! They're cute, long-legged undies. Think boxer briefs or Spanx but cute AF and NOT shapewear. They come in all different designs and styles, never roll, and have a size range from small to a 4X." –Lisa Hudson, Facebook

13. Neat 3B Action Cream

"I love Neat 3B. You can get it for your legs, butt, breasts, and face. There's actually a powder and a cream, but I prefer the cream!" –Lesley Jane, Facebook

14. Silicone-Based Primer

"I have not seen anti-chafing gels here in India but any cheapish silicone-based primer works like a charm. I've just discovered it recently and can't wait to try it when I wear a saree this festive season." –Raima Bhattacharya, Facebook

15. Coconut oil

"Just coconut oil! Especially when it's solid from the fridge. It soothes the pain and gives the best non-chafing experience." –nicolepi2000

16. Bepanthen Antiseptic Soothing Cream

"Bepanthan Antiseptic Cream! It was given to me on a hot, Aussie summer's day in the middle of a 10-hour shift and I've never looked back. While it feels a bit wet for a while after you apply it, it lasts for hours and is super cheap and easy to find." –Caitlin Houston, Facebook

17. Body butter

"Body butter! Put a 'glob' in the needed area but don't rub it all in! Whenever you walk, it'll take care of that for you." –rrracharo

18. Ball Magic Spray

"My friend swears by this stuff called Ball Magic. It's made with essential oils and is meant to help with chafing around the balls. But as a person with a vagina and horrible chub rub on my thighs, I figured it was worth a shot. I've tried it and absolutely love it." –brittanyg434adfc85

19. Body Glide

"Body Glide is amazing! It lasts forever, feels great, doesn't stain clothes, and is water-resistant so it's awesome for swimming. I also love Fresh Breasts – it's awesome for under breasts, on your thighs, and around your vulva area." –grace28

20. Aquaphor Healing Ointment

"I use Aquaphor! I bought it to help with my kiddo's diaper rash but started using it myself and found it works wonders! It has awesome lasting power and doesn't have a scent like most deodorants." –amishgirl281

21. And Lady Anti Monkey Butt Anti-Friction Powder

"Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder. It is like baby powder, but it has calamine in it to help soothe any already chafed skin. And it doesn't get clumpy if you sweat, it just soaks up the moisture to keep your legs gliding smoothly with no friction! Plus it smells great too!" –christas4aaa53e9e

Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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