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    17 Things You Can't Get Away With If You Wear Glasses

    Good luck drinking that tea and still being able to see.

    1. You can't get Snapchat filters to fit your face properly on the first go.

    2. And you can't have people try your glasses on without someone smudging them.

    3. You can't even think about wearing nice sunglasses and being able to see.

    4. And you can't really ever lay on your side comfortably.

    5. You can't transition from hot to cold or cold to hot easily.

    6. And you can't go in the rain without having to clean your glasses every three minutes.

    7. You can't go for a run without your specs fogging up like crazy.

    8. And you can't drink tea without losing your ability to see.

    9. Oh, and you definitely can't eat noodles without letting them cool down first.

    10. You can't really be sure what you're looking at when you aren't wearing your glasses.

    11. And you can't take selfies without the reflection of your phone taking up half your face.

    12. You can't even think about comfortably wearing a face mask.

    13. And you can't rock an costume with a mask when Halloween rolls round.

    14. You can't ever subtly adjust your glasses because you have to do the cheeky nose push.

    15. And you can't play ball games without your glasses getting half knocked off your face.

    16. You can't watch a 3D movie without have to stack your glasses.

    17. And you for sure can't take your glasses off without someone asking how many fingers they're holding up.