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18 Friendships That'll Make You Ask "Where Do You Buy Friends Like That?"

Lmao my friends can't even remember to text me back.

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1. This friend with the perfect cure to feeling unwell.

When you tweet you don't feel good...

2. And this one with the greatest skills and patience.

real friends wash n detangle your hair when you're too sad to do it

3. These friends making sure their mate's photo is well lit.

4. And this one going to new heights for the perfect shot.

What my neighbors see vs. what instagtam sees

5. This friend who only wants the best for her mates.

6. And this one with bags full of love.

told her i wanted popcorn and... 😍😍😍

7. This friend with enough stock for an apocalypse.

I told my friend Jackie "I've been at the er all morning because I'm sick" and she does THE ABSOLUTE MOST for me, I…

8. And this one who knows the exact amount their friend needs.

my bestfriend literally spoils me so much im gonna cry 💕💓💞💗💖💘

9. These mates who know the value of love over possessions.

But do your friends do anything possible even if it means making a yard sale to have enough money for you 2 go to p…

10. And this whole squad creating memories in style.

This group of friends are so dope to me. They all travel the world together and their outfits are always on point.

11. This friend making sure her main chick doesn't get hurt.

when your best friend wants to make sure your first date goes well

12. And this one ensuring his friend has options.


13. This bestie who travelled far for friendship.

My little brother's best friend moved away over the summer and came back to CA to surprise him. If that ain't frien…

14. And this one who documented everything for love.

Sydney made me a scrapbook about me & our friendship and I've been sitting here crying over how lucky I am ❤

15. These friends who know the importance of pizza.

the team helped me out with good lighting to take a nice pic of me eating pizza

16. And these ones who don't leave anyone behind.

No one cares but I just needed to rant about this a lil... I couldn't come to the ASB sleepover because I was worki…

17. This friend who took thoughtfulness to the extreme.

had 2 take out one of the tissues cuz i started bawling like a baby

18. And this one who demonstrated just how much friendship is worth to her.

Told her one day I'd show her that the efforts as her being my best friend would be well worth it..... here's my ap…