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    19 People Who Probably Should've Just Asked, "Do You Want To Go To Prom?"

    Honestly, sometimes a simple "will you go to prom with me?" is all you need.

    1. This dude who used a helicopter ride to ask his lady to prom.

    2. And this one who ran 5.5 miles to propose the question.

    3. This person who didn't really think their sign through.

    @samantha_lucero25 / Via

    4. And this kid who did the same, and then some.

    Via Twitter: @SonofBaldwin

    Kool-Aid, KFC, and watermelon? Yikes.

    5. This guy who actually bought his girl a pair of red bottoms to ask.

    6. And this one who built a human-sized cardboard castle.

    7. This guy who played on the world's current events.

    8. And this Harambe lover who's stuck in the past.

    9. This girl who got the law involved.

    @sparklinggoals / Via

    10. And this guy who took it one step further.

    @meganethompson / Via

    11. This guy who found a random goat just for the sake of it.

    @taylorjfugate / Via

    12. And this one who got this poor innocent donkey involved.

    @canucks_with_lifted_trucks / Via

    13. This dude who caused a bomb scare for the sake of love.

    14. This person who didn't really give their date many options.

    @dressesfourme / Via

    15. And this one who broadcast their question out to the world.

    @stateandbijou / Via

    16. This man who actually got a chicken shop involved in his plans.

    @chickfila_racine / Via

    17. And this one who probably should've just left the hat and sign at home.

    18. This guy who put his body on the line.

    @dummy_comedy / Via

    19. And this guy who's just the epitome of romance.

    @ladycupcake90 / Via