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19 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Gordon Ramsay

AKA everything we learned during his recent Reddit AMA.

1. He uses microwaves but not all that safely.

2. He loves to eat out, even though restaurants always expect a camera crew to follow.

3. Surprisingly, he's a big fan of In-N-Out Burger.

4. He fucking hates when people ask him what his last meal would be.

5. In a normal day, he only really has about three to four hours off.

6. He's actually a fan of (good quality) tinned tuna, and feeds it to his family.

7. He's had the same team running his flagship restaurant since it opened.

8. He actually did offer that prisoner a job, but he reoffended almost instantly.

9. And his critique of the blind MasterChef contestant's apple pie was 100% genuine.

10. He thinks everyone needs to know how to cook five dishes.

11. And that the easiest dish you can fuck up is a steak.

12. He has perfected the ultimate meat burger blend.

13. He will always order a Wellington if he sees it on a menu.

14. He attests that all you need for a good grilled cheese is some Red Leicester.

15. And that the concept of foam on food is fucking stupid.

16. He will literally eat anything at least once.

17. The favourite production he's done isn't Hotel Hell or Kitchen Nightmares, it's Shark Bait the documentary.

18. He believes he can go 60 minutes live without swearing.

19. And naturally he is still a savage, even when not on TV.

H/T Reddit.