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19 Struggles Of Owning Like Five, Maybe Six Shirts

"Why are you wearing that again?" Because I own a washing machine?

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1. Your life is balancing how often you can wear the same shirt without anyone noticing.


2. But people often notice and ask you about it.

3. So you try to steer clear from bright colours...

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4. ...or from bold prints so you can wear your shirts as many times as possible without being caught.

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5. Which is really, really hard when you have a favourite shirt you love to wear all the time.

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6. You wear it so often that it starts to develop holes and tears.

7. But even in all of its broken glory, you still wear it more than you should.

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8. And people eventually start to notice and bring up the fact that you should probably throw it away.


9. But of course, you're way too attached.


10. So the only solution you see fit is to purchase another one.

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11. But then you start having too many shirts that look alike and people think you only own one shirt.

12. However, the reality is you now just own five to six black t-shirts that you wear on rotation, but no one believes you.

13. So you have to start changing how you style your shirts by changing your bottoms.

14. But then the issue of you not owning enough different bottoms comes up.


15. And the fact of the matter is you just don't have enough money to buy more shirts, or more pants, or more shorts.

16. So you dig through your closet to find anything that can pass as "not pyjamas" and try to incorporate it into your everyday style.

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17. But then people start to question why you've started to wear bright yellow t-shirts to work.


18. So you think "fuck this shit" and revert back to the five shirts you can trust.

19. And just hope that no one notices when you do happen to wear the same shirt three times in the same week.

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