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19 Of The Realest Tumblr Posts About Australian Weather

"You know you’re in Australia when you say 'It’s only 29 degrees'."

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1. On the difference between other countries:

2. On time passing:

3. On signs of change:

4. On spring's unofficial title:

5. And on the sign that spring has sprung:

6. On the literal heat:

7. And on sad realisations:

8. On summer nights:

9. On everyone's favourite saying:

10. On weather warnings:

11. On unavoidable sunburn:

12. On the definitive clothesline rules:

13. On looking at the bright side:

14. On unpredictable summers:

15. On winter chills:

16. On free days off:

17. On weather forecasts:

18. On never being satisfied:

19. And on the only positive of the heat: