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    This Video Of Things Melting Is The Most Satisfying Thing You’ll See All Day

    It's lit. Literally.

    If you’ve ever wondered what a bunch of miscellaneous items look like when melted, then YouTube channel Macro Room has you covered.

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    In two minutes of pure, satisfying ecstasy, a bunch of random objects are melted away.

    Macro Room / Via

    Each item reacts to the heat in different ways, and tbh it's hella mesmerising.

    Macro Room / Via

    Like how the keys on a keyboard rip away as the temperature increases.

    Macro Room / Via

    Or how CDs warp when it gets a lil' hot.

    Macro Room / Via

    Yet, nothing beats watching words dissolve into nothing more than pools of plastic.

    But really, this video just serves as one big reminder to always keep your phone away from open flames.

    Macro Room / Via

    It's lit. 🔥🔥