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19 Times Ruby Rose Absolutely Slayed The Year 2015

Queen of Litchfield. Queen of Australia. Queen of our hearts.

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1. When she made her debut on the third season of Orange Is the New Black.


2. When she had the most liked Instagram photo in Australia in 2015.

Instagram: @rubyrose

3. When she was crowned GQ's "Woman Of The Year".

Instagram: @rubyrose

4. And when she celebrated that by gracing the cover of GQ Australia.

Todd Barry / Via GQ Magazine

5. When she hosted the MTV EMAs, flamethrower and all.

6. And when she twinned so hard with Justin Bieber.


7. When she made her gender-fluid address to the MTV EMA audience.

So Ruby Rose addresses the EMA crowd with "ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between" BLESS THIS HUMAN.

8. When she Hotline Bling-ed the shit out of "Hotline Bling".

Instagram: @rubyrose

9. When she came back to Australia and had a game of "lost shoe" with the paparazzi.

Instagram: @rubyrose

10. When she defined squad goals by posing with Drake at Kendall Jenner's birthday.

Instagram: @champagnepapi

11. When she gave us major relationship envy when she snuggled in bed with fiancé, Phoebe Dahl.

Instagram: @phoebe

12. Or when she showed us just how cute they are when they're together.

Instagram: @rubyrose

13. When she spoke volumes about her bestie, Ellen Page.

Instagram: @rubyrose

"When your best friend is the most talented, funny, beautiful, generous, humble human being it's hard to not smile until it hurts. Ellen, I am so proud of you and will always be grateful for everything you are and will always be to me."

14. When she shut down the people who questioned her DJ skills.

Instagram: @rubyrose

"It's just a google away, but before you may have heard of me, I still existed. I started DJing in 2009... I been doing this. It's old news. I didn't wake up last week and buy a laptop. Everything I do is a result of hard work and I'm proud of it."

15. When she gave her followers advice about believing in yourself.

Everything you need is right there inside of you. You don't need what your peers have or what you see someone else has.. It's all in you.

16. And when she shared the reason why she deletes certain Instagram photos.

Instagram: @rubyrose

17. When she highlighted the importance of kindness for all of humanity.

Instagram: @rubyrose

18. When she supported her fans supporting her.

19. And when she poked fun at her spaghetti-self.

Instagram: @rubyrose

Keep slaying Rubes, keep slaying. 🙌