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    Has Anyone Else Noticed How Fucking Often British People Add "X" To Their Sentences?

    Why xx do xx you xx do xx this?? xx

    Oh Britain, you've honestly given the world so much.


    The Inbetweeners was a fucking GREAT show.


    Not to mention, your accents are truly otherworldly.

    Universal Pictures

    And best of all, you blessed us with Gordon Ramsay, who should basically be king already.


    But even with all this good stuff, I must ask: Why the FUCK do y'all end every sentence with "x"??

    Like, literally every single one.

    At school do they teach the importance of adding a kiss after every sentence?

    why do other british people put an x after literally everything they're like "oh my nan just died x" am i missing out on something

    Or is it something you're just born knowing how to do?

    When I talk to British people it's always like "Hello xx How x are xxx you xx"

    Is there something in your British waters?

    Why do british people feel the need to add an x after every tweet stOP

    Aren't y'all TIRED of having to do this??

    do british people ever get tired of putting an x at the end of everything they write?

    Like, surely you don't say "x" in real life when you speak?

    do british people put an x at the end of every sentence in real life

    So, I beg, please stop adding stray X's when you type.

    It's scary and I'm confused.

    Im screaming at "I want to suck it again x" BRITISH PEOPLE AND THE FUCKING X

    So, Britain, please.

    Why do all British people tweet like this ! :) x

    Please stop.

    Why do British people always use the word "x" at end of every sentences? Like ,Hey x , wyd? x ,oh the cat died r.i.p x

    Or in words you might understand, I beg you. xx


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