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Has Anyone Else Noticed How Fucking Often British People Add "X" To Their Sentences?

Why xx do xx you xx do xx this?? xx

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At school do they teach the importance of adding a kiss after every sentence?

why do other british people put an x after literally everything they're like "oh my nan just died x" am i missing out on something

Or is it something you're just born knowing how to do?

When I talk to British people it's always like "Hello xx How x are xxx you xx"


Is there something in your British waters?

Why do british people feel the need to add an x after every tweet stOP

Aren't y'all TIRED of having to do this??

do british people ever get tired of putting an x at the end of everything they write?

Like, surely you don't say "x" in real life when you speak?

do british people put an x at the end of every sentence in real life


Im screaming at "I want to suck it again x" BRITISH PEOPLE AND THE FUCKING X

So, Britain, please.

Why do all British people tweet like this ! :) x

Please stop.

Why do British people always use the word "x" at end of every sentences? Like ,Hey x , wyd? x ,oh the cat died r.i.p x