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19 Places Where You Can Get Bomb-Ass American Food In Sydney

OooOOoooh say can't you see (how good this food looks)

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1. Memphis Wings - Casula

Memphis Wings serves up exactly what your mind thinks is American food. And it's perfect for that exact reason.

Must try: The Philly Cheese Sub. Be sure to make it a combo.

2. Mary's - Newtown

From the outside you wouldn't even know that a little doorway would lead to some of Sydney's best burgers. Mary's menu is simple with American style burgers, fried chicken, and chips being offered to the masses.

Must try: Even though the burgers are ace, you can't pass up their fried chicken with a side of mash and gravy.

3. Miss America's Diner - Riverwood

Cafe by day, and diner by night, Miss America's is the quintessential American food spot. The only problem is it's only a pop up that appears on Friday and Sunday nights!

Must try: If you like cheesy fries, you'll love the heart attack fries.

4. Mister Gee's Burger Truck - Haberfield

Like Mary's, Mister Gee's menu is pretty simple. A little like In 'n' Out, they serve a single feature burger on rotation, fries and a shake only. The big difference here is the fact that Mister Gee's serves their food out of a truck a couple nights a week.

Must try: Their burgers are always changing, but their most well known would have to be the truffle burger.

5. Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen - Newtown

Miss Peaches isn't only known for their amazing American-style foods but their decor is just as good.

Must try: You can't pass up their Southern Fried Chicken.

6. Black Betty BBQ - Petersham

Situated inside The Oxford Tavern, Black Betty specialises in all things American-style BBQ. Vegetarians fear not, if huge racks of meats aren't your thing, the sides are also to die for.

Must try: Literally every single smoked meat item on the menu.

7. Harry's Cafe De Wheels - Various locations

The exterior screams American diner, the interior screams quality food. Harry's has managed to combine the American and Aussie flavour profiles perfectly.

Must try: Their hotdogs are iconic, but the Tiger pie of pie, peas, mash and gravy has to be tasted to be believed.

8. Reuben Hills - Surry Hills

With a menu "inspired by coffee-buying trips to central and south America" Reuben Hills has an eclectic mix of all day breakfast meals. While they serve a mix of meals they really nail the U.S. classics.

Must try: The NOT Reuben is a smash hit, but you also can't go past the really fucking great fried chicken.

9. The Soda Factory - Surry Hills

Cheese fries and burgers are the American diner staple, and The Soda Factory has that and more! $10 Chicken Bucket Wednesdays, $1 Hotdog Tuesdays, this is truly the dream.

Must try: You really can't go past those dollar dogs can you?

10. Jazz City Diner - Surry Hills

Jazz City Diner has it all from the classic chicken and waffles; to a full southern style BBQ complete with cornbread.

Must try: Possibly the most famous strange combination taken one step further, the chicken and waffle burger!

11. Surly's - Darlinghurst

What's more American than smoked brisket, burgers and mac 'n' cheese? The answer would be Surly's Mac 'n' cheese BBQ brisket burger!

Must try: The Handsome Mike burger may be something else, but so are their chilli cheese fries.

12. Hub House Diner - Dulwich Hill

Hub House Diner has all the American favourites. Their plating isn't boring either, order the popcorn chicken and find it in a jar with real bits of popcorn!

Must try: The House Plank platter also has it all. Southern fried chicken wings, pork ribs, corn and zucchini fritters.

13. The Hot Dog Man - Manly

Gourmet hot dogs, burgers and sides. Simplicity at its best. It's just like being at a New York hot dog vendor... only better.

Must try: You've got to go for the Big Dog. Get a side of porky cheesey while you're at it.

14. Skyline Drive In - Blacktown

If you want dinner and a show, Skyline Drive In is the place you need to be. Skyline recently refurbished their diner to have a major 50s vibe and they serve all the American classics.

Must try: The pulled pork burger, with a side of onion rings of course!

15. Heroes Family Diner - Mosman

Heroes Family Diner serves up meals garnished with dollops of slaw, and a stack of fries. They're not limited to burgers though, they even serve nachos and ribs.

Must try: Buffalo wings. Always.

16. Reuben Republic - Marrickville

Reubens have to be one of America's most iconic sandwiches. Reuben Republic serves up America's classic to Australia perfectly.

Must try: East or west coast, you have to get a Reuben. Get a crackling plate as a side too and you won't regret it.

17. Bridge Street Garage - CBD

Vegetarian never looked so good. But fear not meat eaters, Bridge Street Garage has meat slapped all over their American-style menu from reuben sandwiches all the way to fried chicken buckets.

Must try: Bridge street makes a mean pulled pork burger.

18. Hartsyard - Newtown

Hartsyard is American-style food refined. Plating here is a little fancier, the pricing is a little pricier, but the food is well worth the funds. Look at those biscuits and gravy!

Must try: Beyond their notorious desserts, their fried chicken is a definite must.

19. Doughbox Diner - Enmore

What's better than an American-themed eatery? A '50s American-themed eatery. Doughbox serves up desserts in the cutest way possible... with waitresses dressed to theme.

Must try: Desserts are their main claim to fame, but their savoury crepe cones shouldn’t be missed either.

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