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22 iPhone Wallpapers For Anyone Who Just Really Loves Water

There's really nothing more soothing some water ripples, hey?

1. This smooth movement caught from above.

2. And this bright blue moment.

3. This peaceful rock pool reflection.

4. This spot where the beach meets the trees.

5. And this completely empty shoreline.

6. This spot of ocean between the rocks.

7. And this super-still water.

8. This oasis, that honestly doesn't even look real.

9. This stunning snapshot of groups of coral from the sky.

10. And this friendly stingray chilling by the shore.

11. This unreal pairing of smooth white sand and crystal clear water.

12. And this 100% real bright pink lake on a secluded island.

13. These rocky steps down to a bright blue pool.

14. And this seriously perfect-looking ocean bath.

15. This stairway to my personal version of heaven.

16. And these steps that look equally as inviting.

17. This godly gradient of blue ocean that meets the white sand.

18. This lone boat against the pink skies.

19. And this warm sunset between the peaks.

20. This beach full of washed up coral in place of sand.

21. This picturesque ocean view.

22. And this unbeatable contrast of red rock and white sand.

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