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17 Kids' Shows That'll Make All Aussies Shout "HOLY FUCK, I REMEMBER THAT"

Throwback to when kid's shows were actually lit.

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3. My Goldfish Is Evil

This show made no sense. Of all animals to be evil, why would you pick one that literally can't leave its fucking bowl? Like, I have arms and legs and consider myself kinda evil, but I don't even have the energy to do half the shit this fish did.

6. Franny's Feet

This show was kinda gross. Think about it: You put your shoes into a shop to get fixed and the shoe-fixer's granddaughter wore them and had adventures around the world. You better not step the fuck into my Yeezys Franny, I'm telling you right now.

7. Lil' Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers

This show had it all: sick music, dope storylines, and a heaps diverse cast. Plus Lil' Elvis had really cool hair even when he was just a baby in a guitar case. Can't really get better than that, now can you?

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