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    Just 18 Funny Tweets About Wearing Glasses

    Can glasses ever truly be ~clean~?


    I saw that coming. But not from a mile a way. I mean, I need contacts just to see something from like a block a way.


    I just Googled "Living with Glaucoma" before realising it was just a fingerprint smudge on my glasses.


    the most unrealistic part of harry potter was that nobody asked to try on harry’s glasses and make fun of how blind he was


    Youre blessed if you have 20/20 vision U know how many times I lost my glasses but couldnt find them bc I need my glasses to find my glasses


    [first date] HER: fake glasses don't really make u seem smarter ME:[peering at menu thru 2 donuts] what are u implying?


    Do y'all not understand how much of a struggle this is? 😭


    I like that glasses suggest intelligence instead of broken eyes.


    ugh I'm sick of u fake glasses wearing ass people like lemme give u my impaired vision if y'all want it so bad


    People without glasses will never know the struggle of eating soup. Or any hot steamy food for that matter.


    Men who are deceived by makeup are the main ones fooled by Clark Kent's glasses.


    me when i first got glasses: "GONNA KEEP THEM SO CLEAN SO I CAN ALWAYS SEE WELL" me now: "if i squint through the dirtiness i can kinda see"


    Looking for your glasses when you're not wearing any has got to be the biggest catch 22 there is in this world


    how weird is it that i have to have two pieces of glass sitting in front of my eyeballs so i don't mistake a small child for a garbage can


    Finding your glasses when they're not on your face


    I wear glasses because I like to dramatically remove them to display anger. It was awkward doing that with contact lenses.


    Eye doctors : can you read the last line without your glasses a h f I k g h b n c Me : 7


    *glasses dirty* *takes off glasses to clean* *cleans glasses* *puts glasses back on* *glasses are smudged and dirtier than before*


    Sometimes I forget that there r ppl who don't wear glasses/contacts. Like they can literally just wake up and see, what a wild concept

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