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    19 Sep 2016

    22 Photos That Sum Up Parties In The USA Vs Australia

    Pool party? Yeah no worries mate, fill up the ute.

    1. Cakes in America:

    @Trump2016Donald / Via Twitter: @Trump2016Donald

    2. Cakes in Australia:

    @CakeSchoolgo / Via Twitter: @CakeSchoolgo

    3. Party prep in America:

    @amandaaka7 / Via Twitter: @amandaaka7

    4. Party prep in Australia:

    @sutton1991 / Via

    5. Party food in America:

    @PaulTrainerPT / Via Twitter: @PaulTrainerPT

    6. Party food in Australia:

    Instagram: @sizzlehob / Via

    7. DIY food tables in America:

    @ashleyyee__ / Via Twitter: @ashleyyee__

    8. DIY food tables in Australia:

    @k_tl1 / Via

    9. Backyard games in America:

    Instagram: @estalue / Via

    10. Backyard games in Australia:

    Instagram: @derekjwhitten / Via

    11. Party mascots in America:


    12. Party mascots in Australia:

    13. Dress-up parties in America:

    @taylornasuti / Via Twitter: @taylornasuti

    14. Dress-up parties in Australia:

    @coke21 / Via

    15. Pool parties in America:

    @kyliejenner / Via

    16. Pool parties in Australia:

    @tradies2000 / Via

    17. Beach parties in America:

    @dalequinio / Via

    18. Beach parties in Australia:

    @coopfarm / Via

    19. Parties getting out of hand in America:

    San Luis Obispo Fire Department / Via

    20. Parties getting out of hand in Australia:

    Nine Network

    21. Party clean up in America:


    22. Party clean up in Australia:


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