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    This Adorable 3-Year-Old Stopped A Wedding To Let Everyone Know He Needed To Poop

    Before the vows, empty your bowel.

    Hannah and Ben Lienert had an unforgettable wedding ceremony when their 3-year-old son interrupted their nuptials by sharing his need to use the bathroom.

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    The Lienert's tied the knot in the Barossa Valley in South Australia this October...

    Hannah Lienert / Via

    ...but Hudson had more pressing matters at hand.

    Hannah Lienert / Via

    Luckily Aunty Gemma stepped in to help out.

    "Everybody cracked up including the bridal party... it made us both relax a little bit too, as it certainly broke the ice!" Hannah told BuzzFeed.

    Hannah Lienert / Via

    As for Hudson, his advice for other page boys is to "do a poo before."

    Hannah Lienert / Via

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