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This Australian Artist Re-Designed Aussie Currency And It’s Amazing

Just waiting for a dollar.

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Aaron Tyler, the legend behind Straya Cash is at it again, this time re-designing Australian coins.

Aaron Tyler

The Straya Shrapnel project was created in honour of Australia Day, following the success of the modern bank notes.

Aaron Tyler

The coins themselves took about "30 Netflix episodes of design time" and the 3D interactive part of the post took a "couple of late nights" to perfect.

Each coin features an iconic Aussie "celebrity", most of which didn't make the cut for the Straya Cash notes.

Aaron Tyler

Aussie actress Rebel Wilson even shared the coins to her 2.4 million followers to celebrate Australia Day.

Instagram: @rebelwilson

Tyler told BuzzFeed he was happy that Rebel shared his work, and that he was “excited that the simple idea of replacing the people on our money is generating so much discussion".

Check out all the coins in their 3D glory here.