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19 Images That Will Personally Offend All McDonald's Lovers

I came out to have a good time and honestly I'm feeling personally attacked right now.

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1. This cheeseburger full of all the good stuff:

2. And this too literal take on cheeseburgers:

3. This really not at all deluxe Bacon Deluxe burger:

4. This crumby "just like the picture" mess:

5. And this green mess that someone gave the green light:

6. This Big Mac which is basically just a Quarter Pounder with an extra bun:

7. And this Quarter Pounder that actually needed that extra bun back:

8. This overpriced "burger" of sadness:

9. And this monster that actually ordered it:

10. This person who just wasn't content with a regular ol' McChicken:

11. This sorry excuse for a large pack of fries:

12. This cheese placement that really missed the mark:

13. And this sauce that was really put on the wrong side of the bun:

14. The horrific lack of food in this $8 wrap.

15. This abstract take on a Big Mac:

16. This person that took the request for a "toasted" bun too far:

17. And the one that took the jalapeño aspect of the Spicy Jalapeño a little too literally:

18. The careless person responsible for this heartache.

19. And whichever monster was responsible for this.