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    Posted on 29 Jun 2018

    25 Of The Best Reactions To Drake's New Album "Scorpion"

    Excuse me for a second, I think I need to go text my ex real quick.

    The time we've all been waiting for has finally come... Drake just released his new album, Scorpion.

    Young Money

    So, of course, as soon as the album dropped, people had a lot of ~feelings~.

    SB Nation

    Here are some of the best reactions to Drake's newest project:


    Me flipping from the RnB side to the hip hop side #Scorpion


    if Drake actually thinks ima stay up all night and listen to 25 songs then he’s absolutely right.


    Girl: You never post me on social media Me: I’m not hiding you from the world... I’m hiding the world from you Thanks Drake


    "where are the summer bops on this drake album????"- my inner thot cried out while looking at a fresh package of fashion nova for mens that sat unopened in the corner


    Hov and Michael Jackson showing up to the studio to make sure Scorpion is a classic.


    wow Drake said “we not together but I still get the info on you because I’m nice to your friend” A SCORPIO NIGGA


    me typing drake into apple music over and over again


    Drake’s album hasn’t even dropped and i’m already thinking about texting my ex.



    straight culture is texting people you hurt years ago “wyd” as soon as the drake album drops


    What if Drake’s Michael Jackson feature is a loop from Billie Jean of Mike repeating “the Kid is not my son.”


    Your future wife gonna be getting clapped to the B side of Drake’s album while you crying looking outside the window listening to the A side


    Shout out to drake for making a song about his son!!!


    Not gon lie to y’all I don’t usually do this but this drake got me bout to start dropping insta captions on y’all for the whole month of July 😂😂😂😂


    Me coming to listen to that new Drake after slandering him for the past year


    son of a bitch i forgot drake is dropping new music and now twitter is going to be miserable for days cause of drake fans


    When u start with drakes B side and swtich over to the A side #Drake #Scorpion


    a haiku: Scorpion by Drake Got an A side, a B side Don’t got his son’s side


    “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world, I was hiding the world from my kid” drake’s son:


    Skipping straight to “March 14” because no Drake song with a date, time, or city has ever let me down.


    Me adding 🔥 Drake lyrics to my notes for IG captions..


    Scorpion fire and you niggas stayed up to hate LMAOOOOOO LOSERS


    Michael Jackson: I don’t want to be on Drake’s new album, I’m dead Joe Jackson:


    drake 2008: hey pretty lady... u drive me crazy... drake 2018: I cannot trust anyone due to my wealth and fame. I don’t think any of my human interaction is genuine. Multiple people could very well be trying to kill me. turn up tho


    #Scorpion Drake: Album drops at 12 Spotify:

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