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22 Annoying AF Moments Everyone Experiences When It's Raining

Rain, rain, go away, come again... on the weekend so I can sleep all day.

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1. Getting stabbed in the face with multiple umbrellas as people walk.

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2. Having to raise your umbrella above all the others to avoid the same height umbrella traffic jam.

3. Attempting to balance your umbrella on your neck and shoulder while you try to use your hands for something.

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4. When the rain and gale-force winds take you on a Mary Poppins-esque adventure, dragging you halfway across the street.

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5. Or worse still, when the wind just completely fucks your umbrella up.

6. And even worse, when someone doesn't bring one and asks to share with you and you both end up soaked.

7. Having to change the way you walk to avoid slipping after every third step.

8. But then slipping constantly, and having everyone watch you struggle.

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9. Standing as far away from the kerb as possible but still being hit with the unavoidable puddle-car splash back.

10. Discovering an unknown hole in the sole of your shoe...

11. ... and dealing with gross, squelchy shoes.

12. Then eventually giving up and walking around in your wet socks all day.

13. Dropping something on the wet sidewalk and trying to pick it up even though the suction is equal to a high-powered vacuum.

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14. Or the fucking annoying feeling of clothes getting wet and sticking to your skin.

15. Realising you wasted your time washing your hair, because by the time you get to work you've already had a second shower.

16. Then looking in the mirror and seeing just how frizzy and fucked up your hair got from the rain.

17. Sitting on public transport only to realise the seat was soaked and then it’s too late to get up.

18. Trying to get into your car while your umbrella is still open.

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19. Having to constantly fiddle with your car AC and demister to remove your windscreen fog.

20. Trying to shut your umbrella quickly as someone holds a door open for you because they can clearly see you struggling.

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21. Scrolling through your social media accounts that are filled with "ugh rain" statuses.

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22. And having to shower in water when you get home to wash off all the water that you faced during the day?!?

But realising its all OK because rain weather is perfect bed weather.

But realising its all OK because rain weather is perfect bed weather.