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Updated on 4 Apr 2019. Posted on 22 May 2017

This Is What Those Pull-Together Sticky Bras Look Like On Different-Sized Bodies

Yes, it's that one you've seen all over your Instagram feed.

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Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

If you've been on Instagram at all in the past few months, then you've definitely seen those strapless, backless, sticky bras on your feed.

These bras, while pretty similar to regular sticky bras, have the stand-out feature of a drawstring that pulls your boobs together to give you some (supposedly) bomb cleavage.

@amberrose / Via

But, like in the case of Amber Rose, they sometimes don't look like they really do anything at all.

One of our colleagues in the US tried out the bra and discovered that it'd probably work better on boobs that are medium-sized.

Daniela Cadena / BuzzFeed

So, for the sake of science aka boob research, we decided to order the Insta-famous bra in all four sizes it came in: A, B, C, and D.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Jemima: I normally wear an A cup, even though my boobs are smaller than an A and my bras are all too big. Push-up bras normally look ridiculous on me, but I’ve just come to be happy with my cleavage-less life. Just like Shakira, no one will be confusing my breasts with mountains.

Emily: I live my life like I'm still an A cup, but I probably have to face the fact that I'm closer to a C and should wear a bra with underwire for the first time in my adult life. To me, normal sticky bras are for those moments when I want to wear something backless or slinky without blasting my nips all day.

Michelle: So most of my bras are a C cup with underwire because I need that kind of support in my life. The only times I ever try to wear a sticky bra is to the club, and it has truly never been a good match. They're fine at first, but because I jump a lot when I dance (as I like to aggressively rap along to everything with passion), they become unstuck and I can confirm that it's NOT a vibe.

Anna: I’ve seen these bras all over Instagram before. But because I normally wear a D cup, I never bothered, as I could already tell my boobs would be too heavy to sit nicely in a bra like that.

So we ordered the bras and put them on to see if they really did live up to all their hype.

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Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed
Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Jemima: While I was impressed with the results I had seen on Instagram, I assumed that it was just really good advertising. I was certain that my lack of boob meant it wouldn't work for me.

The first time I put it on, I put the two pads too close to each other and it just didn’t work. I looked like I was wearing a normal bra. When I tried again and put them on in the right place, I was pretty surprised to see that I actually had a good-looking rack. But it was pretty uncomfortable.

The combination of being broad while having small boobs meant the bra was sitting in a weird place on my torso. I felt like if I swung my arms around too much it would start peeling off at the sides, or just pop off entirely.

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Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed
Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Emily: Sticking my boobs into place with this sticky bra was a familiar feeling to other ones, but it felt more secure. I felt like I needed to preemptively adjust "the girls" before I started squishing them together, to make them look their best.

Regardless, this bra is the business. It really worked, and made my honkers look great. They felt very up and supported; that being said, I wouldn't go do any star jumps in them. But for the first time, I felt like I had an ample bosom.

Getty Images
Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed
Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Michelle: I came into this pretty damn skeptical that this bra would work. Most sticky bras aren't really sticky enough to get a solid grip, but this one was really, really sticky, which was promising.

I discovered while putting it on that you have to place it properly to get the best cleavage when you go to pull the strings together. Personally, I saw a noticeable difference when I pulled the magic strings together, but while my boobs felt secure and supported, I just know if I jumped around it would've 100% come off.

Getty Images
Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed
Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

Anna: When I put the bra on I noticed that this one was heaps stickier than the other stick-on bras I've tried before, which, I guess, is a good thing!

The sizing was pretty accurate and the material of the bra itself felt durable. But as expected, there was zero support, so I don't really know how long it would last on a night out – which is the only time I could see myself wearing clothes that would require a bra like this.

Even though the drawstring helped give my boobs some lift, it still wasn't enough.

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Jemima: I couldn’t see myself actually wearing this all day, but I’d whack it on to take photos, or if I was going to an event and had a dress that particularly needed extra boob. Tbh though, if this was a thing when I was an insecure 19-year-old, I would've been wearing it 24/7.

Emily: I would 100% wear this bra. It's not an everyday bra, but for special occasions, it's perfect. Bury me in this bra – I want an open-casket funeral so mourners can be like "She had great cans, RIP" while they throw flowers in my coffin.

Michelle: Would I wear this to the club? Probably not. Would I wear this to a fancy, luxe club where all you do is stand there and sip cocktails? For sure. It's a good boob-booster for photos, that's for certain. But I just don't think I can trust it enough to wear it in a real setting.

Anna: I see myself wearing this bra, but (outfit permitting) I’ll probably grab some medical tape to pull my boobs up more, à la Kim Kardashian boob taping. The cleavage drawstring really sold me on this bra.

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- Your body shape really determines how comfortable this bra will be on you.

- The drawstring really works to pull your boobs together, and it actually does give you cleavage.

- But to get the optimal cleavage, you have to place your boobs in the bra strategically.

- While the bra is really sticky, we can't be sure it'll stay on properly if you wear it to an event where you move a lot.

- This bra would make your boobs look GREAT for photos. That's for sure.

So there you have it: If you have time to perfect the placement of your boobs in a bra to make them pop for pics, then this is probably the bra for you!

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

If not, then maybe skip out on this one.