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    19 Photos All Lowkey Gross Beauty Lovers Will Relate To

    Spit is a gal's best friend.

    1. Purposefully chipped off your nail polish in public.

    2. Or twisted all the mascara off your eyelashes.

    3. Totally forgotten about the bunch of products you swatched on the back of your hand ages ago.

    4. Then remembered, and attempted to wipe it off with your spit and the inside of your shirt.

    5. Licked a cotton bud to help sharpen up your eyeliner.

    6. And picked the greasy, dry shampoo residue from under your nails after scratching your head.

    7. Slept with your makeup on, at least once or twice.

    8. And woken up the next day and just fixed your eyeliner before setting off for the day.

    9. Used really old makeup that you just KNOW has gone past its use-by.

    10. And reapplied a pair of dirty, old eyelashes by ripping off the gross, thick layer of dried glue living on the band.

    11. Used your face brushes for way too long before washing them.

    12. And furiously wiped away the colour on your eyeshadow brushes onto a tissue instead of just cleaning them.

    13. Kept your busted Beautyblender for way, way, way too long.

    14. And never, ever cleaning out all the gunk on your eyelash curler.

    15. Shared makeup with your friends that you know you really shouldn't.

    16. And put gross store tester products directly on your face.

    17. Painted over chipped polish or in the space between your overgrown acrylics and natural nail.

    18. Examined your face at every chance, and dug out all the blackheads your face masks and Biore strips didn't get.

    19. And worst of all, found a dirty, old lipstick that lost its top in your bag and used it anyway.