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22 Times Teens Just Took It Way Too Far

"Won't somebody please think of the children?!"

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1. This teen looking for love...and other things:

Tumblr: @so-selfdestructive /

2. This pre-teen love story:

Twitter: @tiasavva_ / Twitter: @tiasavva_
Twitter: @tiasavva_ / Twitter: @tiasavva_

3. And this teen who was left heartbroken by Emma:

Reddit: @CringeAnarchy /

4. This teen who got Mum to bail her out:

Twitter: @StopWhtePpl2k16 / Twitter: @StopWhtePpl2k16

5. And this teen with her quick jail check-in:

Twitter: @Pmarinara / Twitter: @Pmarinara

6. This teen and her cheeky pre-gramps'-funeral selfie:

Twitter: @Viintage_Misery / Twitter: @Viintage_Misery

7. And this one serving not one but three funeral snaps:

Tumblr: @troyesbooty /

8. Then this teen who gave the world a different angle for the funeral selfie:

Facebook: @The Archbishop of Banterbury / Facebook: S0undLad

9. The teen behind this public wish:

Instagram: @commentcasanovas / Instagram: @JustinBieber /

10. And the teen behind this oddly specific request.

Facebook: @Joe Rogan / Facebook: JOEROGAN

11. This teen with the perfect profile picture, or rather pictures:

Reddit: @FluffyKitty91 /
Reddit: @FluffyKitty91 /

12. And these ones at it with the fire, mid-fire 'gram upload:

Tumblr: @thecaptainkindofgirl /

13. This teen who took boredom to a whole other level:

Twitter: @toasterapple123 / Twitter: @toasterapple123

14. And these teens who were sure that they met Drake:

Reddit: @iBangTurtles /

15. These teens with the scariest Facebook interaction ever:

Reddit: @18uilc /

16. These teens with a case of "yong love":

Reddit: @11fw5h /

17. This teen and their weird-ass goals:

Twitter: @LaBubbyMafia / Twitter: @LaBubbyMafia

18. This teen's really unnoticeable and clean photoshop job:

19. This teen's sorry excuse for a "promposal":

Twitter: @lilwitchhh / Twitter: @lilwitchhh

20. And this teen's super-sick "corn rolls":

Twitter: @KyleHazlewood / Twitter: @KyleHazlewood

21. This teen's major blunder: / Twitter: @lanadelcunt / Twitter: @lanadelcunt

22. And this teen who just has a sweet message for everyone to remember:

Twitter: @MistaOowl / Twitter: @MistaOowl