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9 Places To Get Plus-Size Clothing That's Actually Fashionable

Long gone are the days of the boxy black dress and oversized shirt.

1. Boohoo

Boohoo / Via, @emmatamsinhill / Via

Size range: AU4 - AU28

Boohoo is a great place to get fast fashion for plus-size bodies. The best part is they have discounts and sales ALL the time, so you'll rarely ever pay full price for anything.

Product featured: Plus Check Shirred Detail Top on @emmatamsinhill.

2. In The Style Curve

In The Style / Via, @joeydarlinn / Via

Size range: AU6 - AU28

Often collaborating with plus-size bloggers for their collections, In The Style does a great job at making plus-size clothing for actual plus size women.

Product featured: Latecia Blush Wrap Front Bardot Mini Dress on @joeydarlinn.

3. Fashion Nova Curve

Fashion Nova / Via, http://@antonia.jade / Via

Size range: AU2 - AU28 (though Fashion Nova do junior plus-size, which fits a couple sizes smaller)

Probably most known for their amazingly well-fitting denim, Fashion Nova also does casual, sexy, swim, lounge and well, everything else, very well too.

Product featured: Stupid In Love Dress in Chocolate on @antonia.jade.

4. Pretty Little Thing

Pretty Little Thing / Via, @michelllerennex / Via

Size range: AU4 - AU26

Pretty Little Thing is another fast fashion site that carries both straight and plus-size clothing. Everything it sells is on-trend, and all the discount codes make you feel just that little bit less guilty whenever you do a cheeky shop.

Product featured: Plus Black Sunflower Print Swing Dress on @michellerennex.

5. New Look

New Look / Via, @queasylikeasundaymorning / Via

Size range: AU4 - AU32

New Look is a UK-based company that delivers to Australia. It's got great staples to build out your wardrobe and even better lingerie, which actually fits!

Product featured: Mustard Floral Dip Hem Midi Dress on @queasylikeasundaymorning.

6. Asos Curve

Asos / Via, @na0__ / Via

Size range: AU4 - AU30

Asos is THE go-to spot for plus-size clothes. Their range is always being updated so there's always something new to browse and buy. Plus they do free returns. What's not to love?!

Product featured: Glamorous Curve Longline Coat in Bright Check on @na0__.

7. Showpo

Showpo / Via, @josephine_costanzo / Via

Size range: AU4 - AU20

Showpo is one of those cute online boutiques that sells the clothes every Aussie beach-goer rocks in the summer. The clothes are heaps cute and while they only go up to a size 20, it's a good step for mainstream size inclusivity.

Product featured: All My Friends Overall Dress In Blue Wash on @josephine_costanzo.

8. Missguided

Missguided / Via, @nerdabouttown / Via

Size range: AU4 - AU24

Missguided's range is a lot smaller than its other online counterparts but their quality is pretty damn good. If you're searching for an outfit to help you look grown and sexy, Missguided is a great place to start.

Product featured: Brown Kimono Sleeve Culotte Polka Dot Jumpsuit on @nerdabouttown.

9. City Chic

City Chic / Via, @societyofharlow / Via

Size range: AU14 - AU24

City Chic isn't my go-to for casual clothes but if you've got an event, it has some pretty nice evening dresses. They are a little pricey compared to other stores, but the quality is unmatched.

Product featured: Envie Dress in Black on @societyofharlow.

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