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    8 Sep 2015

    17 Sydney Bakers That Are Taking Cake Decorating To A Whole New Level

    Michel's Patisserie ain't got nothing on these.

    1. Katherine Sabbath of Katherine Sabbath.

    2. Erin Leung of A Sweet Tale.

    3. Kat Marie Guerin of Cupcake Charisma.

    4. Nikki Lee of Unbirthday.

    5. Linh Luu of Peach and Petals.

    6. Kim and Johanna of JK Cake Designs.

    7. Nina of Cakes by Nina.

    8. Jonathan Massaad of Sugar High Desserts.

    9. Dewi of Sweet Bloom Cakes.

    10. Clifford of Cakes by Cliff.

    11. Patricia Kavvalos of Two Sweet Figs.

    12. Elisa Pietrantonio of Elisa Pie.

    13. Leane from Sweet Mama Cakes.

    14. Nina Siljanovic of The Nutty Baker.

    15. Dooha Naaman of Sweets By Dooha.

    16. Lynda Nguyen of Desserts with Lynda.

    17. Natalie Armstrong of Cinderella Cakes by Natalie.

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