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    Hello World: “The Saddle Club” Is Now 15 But Is Still The Best

    Never forget Veronica the queen of sass.

    This Saturday marks 15 years since The Saddle Club first premiered in Australia.

    Over the years, The Saddle Club graced us with the stories of Lisa, Carole and Stevie.

    But beyond the Saddle Club members themselves, we were lucky enough to witness the sass of Veronica.

    We got to learn about young, on-screen love with Phil.

    And young off-screen love when Chris Hemsworth played a vet that one time.

    We also learnt the importance of appropriate background music.

    And of mad equestrian jumps and stunts.

    But most importantly we were blessed with one of the best goddamn theme songs to ever exist.

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    Long live The Saddle Club! 🐎🐎