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19 Australian Traditions The Rest Of The World Will Never Get To Enjoy

If you haven't had wine out of a bag on a clothes line, have you really lived?

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1. Floating on a giant inflatable thong on Australia Day.

Instagram: @georgia_tibballs / Via

2. Or getting little Aussie flag shaped sunburns after covering yourself in fake tattoos.

Twitter: @grace799 / Via Twitter: @grace799

3. Being absolutely swarmed on the beach while trying to enjoy a cheeky serve of fish 'n' chips.

Twitter: @lexiholmess / Via Twitter: @lexiholmess

4. Bitching about the Triple J Hottest 100 ranking to everyone and anyone that'll listen.

Instagram: @K_Kaneko10 / Via Twitter: @K_Kaneko10

5. Grabbing a Bunnings sausage sizzle before a spot of hardware shopping.

Instagram: @gale_the_whale / Via

6. Or chowing down on that free democracy sausage every few years when the election rolls round.

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7. Spending three weeks struggling through massive crowds who just want to stare at lights.

Guys honestly, it's just Vivid. It's just lights.
Twitter: @zachsimone / Via Twitter: @zachsimone

Guys honestly, it's just Vivid. It's just lights.

8. Or battling even worse crowds during Boxing Day sales.

Nine Network / Via Twitter: @DarrenCurtis9

9. Enjoying fresh prawns and a pav to celebrate Christmas day.

10. And sparklers and party poppers for NYE because you can't play with fireworks.

11. Playing a spot of goon of fortune at a backyard party.

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12. And drinking beer straight from a dirty old shoe to reach peak levels of drunk.

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13. Or getting absolutely plastered because your mates keep singing that song.

14. Turning anything that can effectively hold water into a makeshift pool in the summer.

Instagram: @brett_fullgrabe / Via

15. And eating half-melted $1 fundraiser chocolates in the summer.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

16. Getting pissed off at people going for QLD when they're from NSW.

It's State of ORIGIN, ya dickhead. It's only on three times a year.
Instagram: @mcsportandent / Via

It's State of ORIGIN, ya dickhead. It's only on three times a year.

17. Getting your P's and going for your first ever Macca's run with your mates.

But only before 11pm because ~rules~.
Instagram: @katrina.mary / Via

But only before 11pm because ~rules~.

18. Having a barbie and throwing a couple prawns on.

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19. And of course, correcting every single person that tells you to "throw a shrimp" on it.