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    19 Jokes You'll Find Funny If You're Just Over Fuckboys

    Freedom feels good.

    1. You're tired of fuckboys trying to re-enter your life whenever they damn well please.

    2. But you're just so used to falling back into their trap.

    @daddyissues_ / Via

    3. And you always get way too attached while they don't care at all.

    @chilllonthememes / Via

    4. So you say you don't care either, when you actually care the most.

    @daddyissues_ / Via

    5. But after a while you just get fed up with all their shit.

    @sarahkit19 / Via

    6. So you decide once and for all that enough is ENOUGH.

    @herpesfree_since93 / Via

    7. And sure, you go through your moments of weakness.

    @hoenest / Via

    8. And you might feel things a little deeper than you should.

    @AmirS_05 / Via Twitter: @AmirS_05

    9. But you know standing your ground is worth it because fuckboys never learn.

    @kindle_g_code / Via

    10. But you also know that two wrongs don't make a right, so it doesn't mean that you shouldn't learn.

    @itsparty_timee / Via

    11. So you curve every man who tries to come your way.

    @hoenest / Via

    12. And you ignore every sub-par dick pic that lands in your inbox.

    @Nick Celino / Via

    13. Because you remember all those times you were let down.

    @daddyissues_ / Via

    14. And all the times you were lied to.

    @TheMaleHoe / Via

    15. You finally start to see all the things you were once blind to.

    @themalehoe / Via

    16. And when they come crawling back the next time around, you stay strong.

    @daddyissues_ / Via

    17. Because you've learned how to stand your ground.

    @dailystruggleuk / Via

    18. Thanks to you waking up your inner boss-ass bitch.

    @meganredenski / Via

    19. Because, honestly, you've really just had enough of fuckboys and all their shit.

    @memez4days / Via

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