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    Updated on 2 Jan 2020. Posted on 7 Apr 2016

    19 Things You Understand If You're Slightly Obsessed With McDonald's

    Macca's is love. Macca's is life.

    1. You know that McDonald's is all you need in life.

    2. And that you know you would do anything for your one true love.

    3. It not only provides you with food, but also with entertainment.

    4. So you usually find yourself splurging when you go.

    5. And you often peruse the menu to make sure you show love to all your faves.

    6. You literally feel #blessed when the workers gift you with additional goods.

    7. Or when you surprise yourself when you think your meal is finished.

    8. You always make sure to order enough for everyone...

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    9. ...even if it means you end up stealing some of theirs.

    10. It's all good until the workers try and limit your happiness.

    11. Or when they try and pull some silly shit on you.

    12. Sometimes you're left wondering if McDonald's even loves you.

    13. Especially when they don't try to fix their mistakes.

    14. So you take a good, hard look at yourself and think maybe you should stop.

    15. And your mates start to notice you ordering a little different, a little less.

    16. So they give you the greatest offer that anyone could give.

    17. The kind of offer you never received in your childhood.

    18. Because your parents insisted they always had something better.

    19. But you know there is nothing better, especially now that you can have breakfast for all three meals.

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    ❤️ McDonald's for life. ❤️

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