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19 Chicken Nugget Memes That, Much Like Nuggets Themselves, You Can't Resist

Nug life.

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1. You hate when people question your powers.

2. Because after all your chicken nugget eating experience, you've kinda become an expert...

3. ...or a pro, some would say.

4. And sure, nuggets might not be the healthiest thing out there.

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5. So you try your best to maintain a balanced diet.

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6. But at the end of the day, the heart wants what the heart wants.

7. And you've realised that abs really just aren't worth the sacrifice.


8. You just seriously love chicken nuggets so much.

9. So much that you somehow end up seeing them in everything.

10. You think about nuggets so much that you even start to hear them.

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11. Which can make for some tricky miscommunication, thanks to your chicken nugget–heavy mind.

12. But it's OK because nuggets have never let you down before...unlike some other people in your life.

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13. Nowadays your only real requirement in a partner is that they share the same chicken interests.


14. Because you never know when you'll need an emergency hit.

15. And you need to be able to rely on them in your times of need.

16. Which is actually good for them, because it makes gift shopping super easy.

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17. But it can also make for some awkward situations.

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18. But really, the only thing that you hate about nuggets is the betrayal.


19. Seriously. It's the fucking worst.