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21 Quirks Australians Don’t Realise Are Super Weird

What do you mean you don't chuck a fried egg into your burgers?? MATE??

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1. Eating our national animal.

@hodapp / Via Twitter: @hodapp

For some reason Aussies love a bit of kanga. But think about it: you don't see Americans gnawing on a bit of eagle, or Canadians knocking back a few beavers, now do you?


5. The word "cunt" being a compliment and "mate" being an insult is just baffling.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

We tend to call our friends "cunts" and people we hate "mate". Look, I don't know why or how, but it seems to work.


8. Using "she'll be right" to comfort anyone in any and every situation.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

Car broke down? She'll be right. Lost your left arm? She'll be right. Nan's kicked the bucket? She'll be right, buddy.

9. Plus saying "no worries" instead of "you're welcome".

So we should worry about pretty much the whole of Australia? RT:“@TheTweetOfGod: When someone repeatedly says "No worries," worry.”

Why are we like this?

11. If you think about it, walking around supermarkets without shoes on is pretty strange too.

Natalya Lobanova / BuzzFeed

I guess our feet are just so used to hot-ass bitumen, that we can go barefoot literally anywhere now.


12. But when we're not barefoot, everyone thinks it's weird that we're wearing shoes that are called "thongs".

@devo_84 / Via

The person who came up with thongs for your feet probably thought they were genius. "Darl, I've got an idea. You know how thongs wrap around your ass with a little bit of string? Now imagine that, but for your toes."

13. Yet, it's still not as a weird as being able to get a meal at a hardware store.

@stuharvey / Via

There's nothing quite like buying some wooden planks, a few terracotta pots, and a sausage sizzle on a Sunday morning, is there?

14. Or as strange as chucking a fried egg in a burger.

nellymacfoodi / Via

The idea of a burger with "the lot" confuses a whole lot of people. The cold beetroot? The runny fried egg? It's just all too much for some.


17. Not to mention some of our Australian town and place names.

Currently in a place called Yass but on maps it just seems like everyone's super excited

Yass? Chinaman's Knob? Tittybong? Broke? OK Australia, chill.

18. The fact that Apple has learned to understand our slang is slightly alarming.

fantastic news: Apple maps recognises 'bottleo'

Have you ever typed in "bottle-o" in Apple Maps? Bet you will now.

19. And that we rely on our pedestrian crossing "bok bok" noise to get us across the street.

@Arnaud Michelin / Via

Some country's pedestrian crossings don't even make any noise. Imagine that: actually having to pay full attention to the flashing man.


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