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    21 Struggles Every Nintendo 64 Player Will Remember

    "Nintendo 64 and chill."

    1. You always had to wait in line to play the Nintendo 64 display stands in stores.

    2. You struggled to convince your parents that you needed one.

    3. You had to blow into the cartridge to get the game to work.

    4. And when that didn't work you had to blow into the console itself.

    Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed / Via

    5. Or you desperately slammed the game into the console.

    6. You even needed to fiddle with the cords when the audio worked but not the video, or vice versa.


    7. Or you had to aggressively smash the reset button when the spinning N froze.


    8. You would rush to plug your controller into the first slot to ensure you got Player One.

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    9. Then you thought that pushing the analog stick as far as you could would increase your speed but it only broke it...

    10. Resulting in your analog stick becoming loose and really sensitive.

    11. Then you were stuck wondering why your rumble pack just wouldn't rumble anymore.

    12. Also, your heart broke when you forgot your Controller Pak and had to save your game to the console.

    13. The struggle only continued when you played a multi-player game and your opponent cheated by looking at your screen.

    Nintendo / Via

    14. You were done with everyone's shit so you made it your solo life mission to get the horse in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


    15. But you lost it when you revved it too hard in Mario Kart and had a spin start.

    Nintendo / Via

    16. You tried multi-player again and attempted to save time in Mario Kart by jumping walls and tracks... which ended terribly.

    Nintendo / Via

    17. Your opponent just kept using "poison" on you in Pokemon Stadium and nothing you did mattered any more.

    Nintendo / Via

    18. You were constantly getting inhaled by Kirby in Super Smash Bros., and you couldn't fight back.

    Nintendo / Via

    19. Even the game was against you when the poke-ball power up kept fucking you up on Super Smash Bros.

    Nintendo / Via

    20. But still you loved your Nintendo 64 like nothing else.

    Universal Pictures / Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

    21. And now you remember how awesome your N64 was, you probably want to buy one today...


    ... but one can dream.

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