21 Photos That Are Too Real For Everyone Who Can't Resist Fuckboys

    Honestly no offence to me...but wtf am I doing man?

    1. You swear to yourself that you're not going to fall into the same trap again.

    2. Because you've been hurt too many times by your man who isn't really your man.

    3. But you simply cannot resist the fuckboy pull.

    4. And you believe all his lies about "being a better man".

    5. But you know you're just playing yourself.

    6. You just don't know how to not make bad decisions.

    7. You're so damn tired of being told that y'all are "just talking".

    8. And you're really over getting so hype for dick appointments that just fall through.

    9. Because even though you know he's there for one thing, you can't help but get attached.

    10. And your lil' fragile heart can't take being told that he isn't looking for anything.

    11. Especially after you've spent all this time curving other boys for him.

    12. And you really just have no fucking idea what's going on anymore.

    13. So you try to dip your toe back into the fuckboy seas with a few cheeky selfies.

    14. And as you expected, all the fuckboys come flocking in.

    15. But even when you think they might be different, they always prove to be the same.

    16. And when someone actually is different, you have no trust in them because you've been burnt too many times.

    17. So you just go back to your "kinda" man because you can't be bothered dealing with a new fuckboy.

    18. And despite your friends' attempts to protect you from his trash ass, you still have a little bit of faith him in.

    19. Which they despise because you've shown them every misstep of your almost-relationship.

    20. But even though you know they have your best interests at heart, not even you can stop yourself.

    21. Because, tbh, there are some things that just aren't worth letting go of.