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21 Manicures That Will Take Your Formal Look To The Next Level

Ditch the nude claws, and make your nails your new best accessory.

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1. Make a splash, and bring some extra colour into your outfit with some rainbow watercolour nails.

2. Or let everyone know just how much you love fruit with these fruit salad nails.

3. Team your gold AF personality with a cheeky gold leaf mani.

4. Show everyone how lit you are by adorning your nails with flames.

5. Channel the adventurous vibes with a cute negative space camo mani.

6. Or get yourself thinking about your upcoming summer Schoolies getaway with these muy tropicana nails.

7. Embrace the springtime blooms with a watercolour/floral print nail.

8. And prove to everyone that you are in fact a mermaid with some pretty oceanic nails.

9. If you're wearing a pair of red-bottoms, match them to your nails perfectly.

10. Rewind time, and channel the '80s with some neon print nail art.

11. Or take it a little old school, and a little fancy with a pretty marble mani.

12. Keep it super simple with some cute geometric print nail art.

13. Or try something different with a cheeky shattered glass mani.

14. Show everyone that you're a true moon child with a set of nails dedicated to the phases of the moon.

15. And let all the haters know that you're just outta this world with super cute galaxy-inspired nails.

16. Shine bright like a diamond with a set of nails with a glitter accent.

17. Or step out of your comfort zone and go for a full glitter mani.

18. And if you can't commit to the full glitter, go for a nice gradient.

19. Try your hand at fingermouthing for photos and bring attention to ~all~ your fingers and mouths.

20. Let your love for Pokémon Go speak for itself with these adorable Pokémon-print talons.

21. Or just let your wild Kimoji obsession shine through not only in your texts, but your nails too.