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    Updated on 3 Sep 2020. Posted on 1 Apr 2016

    21 Mr. Krabs Blur Memes That Will Speak To Your Twentysomething Soul

    When your card gets declined and there's a giant line behind you...

    1. When you struggle with the ins-and-outs of new social media apps.

    2. Or when you accidentally click the wrong name in your contact list.

    3. When your stealth skills aren't as good as they used to be.

    4. When your forget to turn off your mobile data because you never leave the house anyway.

    5. When you try to keep up with all the goss from your school friends, your university friends and your work friends.

    6. When you stupidly decide to still bring your mum to your doctors appointments.

    7. Or when you make plans with both your literal and figurative daddies.

    8. When you realise that your alcohol tolerance really isn't what it used to be.

    9. Just like your ability to avoid bad situations.

    10. When your levels of tiredness steadily increase with your age.

    11. And when everyone else's time for fucking around heavily decreases.

    12. When you realise that university tests are just as hard as high school ones.

    13. When you struggle to know all the songs that the kids are listening to.

    14. When you don't bother to text people before going to their place, and it backfires.

    15. Or when getting kinky goes a step too far.

    16. When you don't plan and prepare for all your actions.

    17. Or when you don't know how to adapt to changed plans.

    18. When you struggle to manage your finances.

    19. Or simply have trouble with managing the funds you do have.

    20. When you get stuck between couples fighting and your single ass doesn't know what to do.

    21. And when you realise that your 20-something-year-old ass doesn't have time for anyone's shit.

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