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    Posted on 6 Jun 2016

    19 Memes That'll Speak To Your Hungry And Tired Soul

    If I fall asleep at 11:44 I'll get exactly 6 hours, 30 minutes and 46 seconds of sleep.

    1. When someone talks about food it summons you.

    Instagram; @FillWerrell / Twitter: @FillWerrell

    2. And your mood is entirely dependant on how full your stomach is.

    Twitter: @Godly_Visionz / Twitter: @Godly_Visionz

    3. Your life is essentially a big waiting game.

    Instagram: @LittlewoodsIR / Twitter: @LittlewoodsIRL

    4. And you're always looking to see when it's an appropriate time to eat.

    5. The only time you question whether you should eat is when you need to sleep.

    6. Because as much as food makes you happy, you're constantly tired.

    7. Which makes no sense because you make sure you get enough sleep.

    Instagram: @lovenightlifegc /

    8. And you always try to push yourself to the very limit.

    9. Which sometimes becomes a problem because you miss the opportunities for your favourite meals.

    10. But you retain your faith because you know the promise of a good meal is enough.

    Instagram: @kurtmullican /

    11. And even though your meal is enough, you always decide to treat yo' self anyway.

    Facebook: @Benjamin Orozco /

    12. However, it starts to take its toll on you.

    Instagram: @friend_of_bae /

    13. And its hard to stop because you love food too damn much.

    Instagram: @mettevilladsen /

    14. Plus everyone knows just how much you love it.

    Instagram: @ltaniial /

    15. But it's OK because you balance it with exercises you didn't know you were a pro at.

    Facebook: @Benjamin Orozco /

    16. So you make your own version of a fitness plan to try and sleep off all your food consumption.

    Instagram: @phoodiegram /

    17. Which includes the "omg bitch I was so hype to go out" fake-out.

    Instagram: @yoditdeet /

    18. Because you know your ass is forever tired no matter how much sleep you get.

    Instagram: @fitness_unicorn /

    19. And that there's really only one place you want to be at the end of the day.

    Instagram: @myserenitydesigns /

    In bed. With a pepperoni pizza. And a tub of ice cream.

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