PSA: Australians Are Drinking Milo Totally Wrong

    Don't @ me, this is the only logical way.

    Hi, I'm Michelle, and like every other Australian, I love Milo.

    I mean, who doesn't love a cheeky sprinkle of Milo over their Weet-Bix, or chucking a whole tin on their ice cream?

    However, when it comes to Milo and milk, I've noticed that the majority of Australians are just doing it wrong.

    Want to know what this method produces? Sadness. Chunky, powdery, choke-inducing sadness.

    The only logical way to drink Milo is to mix the powder with a dash of boiling water.

    Creating a paste with the Milo powder means that it evenly mixes with the milk creating a delicious drink (which is what Milo should be, thank you).

    Look at that. Smooth, chocolatey, malty goodness.

    Now look at the method most people use. Stirring the powder into the milk does nothing.

    I know what you're thinking, "the most fun about Milo is eating it off the top of the milk" and the solution is quite simple, really.

    I promise you. It's the only way.

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