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What's The One Practical Home Hack Your Mum Taught You?

Honestly, mums know more about literally everything. It's fact.

Oh, mums. God love 'em. They're the greatest.

They raise us and, when the time comes, impart some of their much needed wisdom so we aren't totally lost in life.

For example, my mum taught me to buy sheet sets a size bigger, so the flat sheet can double as another fitted one.

Perhaps your mum showed you how to save time and energy by utilising a sandwich press for more than just cheese toasties.

Or maybe she taught you some crafty playtime tricks for you to use with your own children.

Whatever practical home hack your mother taught you, we want to know!

Share your answers (and photos if you've got them!) in the dropbox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post/video.