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    Ariana Grande's Reaction To Millie Bobby Brown's Instagram Will Make You Say "Same"

    Same Ariana, same.

    This is Millie Bobby Brown and Ariana Grande. But you probably already knew that.

    @milliebobbybrown / Via, @arianagrande / Via

    As we saw earlier this year, the two are pretty good friends.


    Yep. That's Ariana hyping up Millie about her Golden Globes look. My heart.

    So it was no surprise that when Millie uploaded an Instagram photo of her kissing her boyfriend, Jacob Sartorius, Ariana commented.

    "I wasn't even allowed to leave my house 'til I was 20," she teased.

    And people agreed, finding Ariana's comment hilariously true.

    ariana’s comment on millie’s photo is an everyday mood

    ariana’s comment on millie’s instagram post i choked

    Ariana’s comment on Millie’s ig post has me dead 😂💀

    Honestly, it's probably the most relatable thing a celebrity has ever said.

    @milliebobbybrown / Via

    Never change, Ari. Never change.

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