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19 Photos That Will Make You Sigh Heavily And Ask "Ok... But Why?"

Some people just want to watch the world burn, now don't they?

1. This unfortunate dotted line glitch.

2. This pistachio with no opening crack.

3. This totally irresponsible response to someone's request for a sandwich sliced in three.

4. This key and keychain mess.

5. This, and any other Lift 'n' Peel seal, that doesn't lift nor peel correctly.

6. And this dipping sauce that really didn't need to do what it did.

7. This countertop, that would just make so much more sense fitted the other way around.

8. This sink with the poorest design I've ever seen.

9. This sandwich order board with no logical numbering system.

10. This "first class" mail service.

11. This plug too big to cover just one socket.

12. This ride and its ground placement.

13. This locker pattern that was so, so close.

14. This confusing set of instructions.

15. And this door just full of wrong instructions.

16. This unevenly peeled boiled egg.

17. And this failed packet tear section.

18. This doughnut missing its best part.

19. And literally everything about this vending machine mishap.

H/T Reddit's Mildly Infuriating.