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41 Things That'll Annoy Almost Everyone Who's Ever Worked In Retail

Nothing quite like not having weekends and faking laughter to get through the day.

1. Being asked to “check the back” even though you know there’s absolutely nothing there.

2. Finally walking to your break and having seven people stop you to ask for help.

3. Wearing a name tag and uniform and still being asked, “Do you work here?”

4. Standing there and nodding politely while someone drags you because you don’t have any stock.

5. Greeting a customer because it’s your job and having them defensively yell that they’re “JUST LOOKING”.

6. Or asking a customer how they are and just straight-up getting rudely ignored.

7. Listening to someone tell you that another store has it cheaper as if you control the pricing for everything.

8. And then having to pretend you care that they’re going to “take their business elsewhere”.

9. Listening to customers constantly tell you just how nice the weather is, even though you won't have the chance to experience it.

10. Struggling to find parking because there are too many customers, who you need to serve, trying to find parking too.

11. Balancing working the register, answering the phone, and listening to the woman who’s complaining to you because there are no other workers in sight.

12. Having everyone around you talk about “TGIF”, knowing damn well that your workweek starts on Saturday.

13. And watching all your friends with office jobs enjoying their weekends while you’re stuck working.

14. Hearing, “Oh, it must be free!” whenever there’s no price tag or if a barcode doesn’t scan.

15. And generating the energy to fake-laugh at all the lame jokes to secure a sale.

16. Seeing someone walk in with the “Can I speak to your manager?” haircut and knowing you’re about to get yelled at.

17. Finding warm, raw meat in the toilet paper section because someone changed their mind.

18. Listening to your friends trying to convince you to call in sick, not understanding that weekend shifts are your bread and butter.

19. Trying to pry coins off the counter because the customer put their money there instead of straight into your extended hand.

20. Losing all positivity you had for your shift when you come in and realise you’re understaffed AF.

21. Sneakily eating your lunch under the counter or in the back room because it’s too busy to take a proper break.

22. Or taking a proper break and being guilt-tripped to come off early because the rest of your team are struggling with how busy it got.

23. Being stopped by a customer right after you clock out as you’re on your way out.

24. Losing your sanity because of the Christmas music constantly playing during the holiday season.

25. Entering an amount into the register and having the customer give you a bunch of coins to “make it easier”.

26. Struggling to serve a customer at the register while they’re talking on the phone.

27. Trying to explain why you can’t value expired coupons and old catalogue prices to customers who don’t want to listen.

28. Dealing with customers getting mad at you because your manager is taking too long to get to the register.

29. Serving a customer and having another customer interrupt you and demand service.

30. Cleaning the fitting rooms and watching them become a bomb site again after 15 minutes.

31. Dealing with a customer telling you their life story over the phone when you’re really, really busy.

32. Finally hitting budget and having someone decide to return a shitload of items while you’re on the register.

33. Having customers try to convince you they deserve a discount because they’re “loyal customers” but you’ve seen them twice in your life.

34. Listening to a customer complain about someone who served them previously and having them not realise that someone was actually you.

35. Watching a customer struggle with the card machine because they swiped their card too early when you told them to wait.

36. Wanting to take time off for something but your manager won’t approve your request because it’s a really busy time for the store.

37. Having a customer try to return something that’s clearly been worn but you can’t be fucked arguing, so you accept it anyway.

38. Trying to call in sick and having your boss ask you for a doctor’s certificate because they know you’re talking shit.

39. Or coming into work and realising five people on your team called in sick and now you’re stuck being understaffed.

40. Having people you haven’t spoken to in years try to hit you up for your staff discount.

41. And worst of all, packing up the store and having a customer walk in five minutes before you close.