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19 Talented Male Makeup Artists You Should Definitely Be Following On Instagram

Can I please just borrow some skill? PLEASE?

1. Joel Louzado, @joellouzado

Joel's Instagram is full of looks, each different to the last. He's truly mastered the art of costume-style makeup and the simplicity of a well-beat face.

2. Brandon Hernandez, @isaiah_nyc

Instagram: @isaiah_nyc

Brandon's beautiful curls are matched by his equally-beautiful use of makeup to accentuate his features. Warning: You will definitely be mesmerised by his feed.

3. Dominic Porras, @dom.skii

Instagram: @dom

Dominic is just so damn creative. He's usually the one thinking up all those trends you end up seeing all over your Insta-feed, just like this "Instaception" craze!

4. Kevin Rupard, @kevinrupard

Instagram: @kevinrupard

If you're a fan of all things pretty, Kevin's account is the one for you. Whether he's creating a full-blown artwork on his face or doing a simple wing, you won't be able to look away.

5. Beaux Kristian, @beauxkristian

Instagram: @beauxkristian

Beaux's looks are original and truly unlike anything else you've seen elsewhere. I mean, really? You'd be a fool not to give him a follow.

6. DJ Griffin, @dj_mua

Instagram: @dj_mua

DJ isn't only great at painting his clients' faces but is also amazing at doing his own too. Ranging from SFX to the more natural, he's really mastered it all.

7. Xavier Alcozer, @xaviermua

Instagram: @xaviermua

Xavier's looks are what you know and love, with twists you would've never expected. Anyway, can you really say no to a man with a leaf for a nose?

8. Michael Finch, @makeupbymichaelfinch

Instagram: @makeupbymichaelfinch

YouTuber and all-round funny guy Michael is no stranger to bomb-ass makeup looks. He's been shying away from his normal clean-shaven look lately and I, for one, am a BIG fan.

9. Alonso V, @glamallama94

Instagram: @glamallama94

Alonso's looks are honestly almost too beautiful to look at, but you should definitely take a peek anyway.

10. Malik J Banks, @malikjbanks

Unofficial King of Glow™️ Malik will definitely blow you away (and probably blind you too) with his beauty.

11. Josh J Morin, @joshjmorin

Instagram: @joshjmorin

Josh does details well. Like, really well. He'll leave you wondering how anyone can have such a precise hand, so much patience, and THAT much skill.

12. Seansky, @seanskyii

Seansky's only 18 and is a self-taught MUA, but is living proof that time and age mean nothing when you've got the natural gift.

13. Chris Hayes, @officialchrishayes

Instagram: @officialchrishayes

Chris' Instagram showcases his work on himself and others, and proves that no matter the face, he'll have you looking right.

14. Cesario Fierce, @cesariofierce

Cesario's looks will always stand out on your feed. His all-or-nothing approach to his makeup work will make you do a double take every time.

15. Jerrel Baumann, @jerrelbaumann

Instagram: @jerrelbaumann

Jerrel's makeup is always 10/10 and everything he uploads is picture perfect, which is exactly why you should follow him on Instagram. RIGHT. NOW.

16. Brock Ridley, @brockedwardridley

With each of his looks titled, you know Brock takes his makeup work seriously. And with good reason, I mean...just LOOK at his VEIN™️ creation.

17. Japan Slayz, @japanslayz

Instagram: @japanslayz

Art is truly the only word you can use to describe Japan's makeup creations. And I know you love art, so why aren't you following him him yet?

18. Benny Cerra, @flawlessbenny_

Instagram: @flawlessbenny_

Benny does pretty so well. If you think he has a baby face, you'd be right. While he's only 17, Benny's got skills way beyond his years.

19. Joshua, @joshuaglammua

Are you seeing this neon pink dream?! Honestly, if you just love looking at pretty things, then follow Joshua.

It's As/Is week at BuzzFeed Oz! We're focusing on Aussie style and beauty posts for a whole week, click here to check out more.
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It's As/Is week at BuzzFeed Oz! We're focusing on Aussie style and beauty posts for a whole week, click here to check out more.

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