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19 Things Everyone Who Fucking Loves Priceline Will Understand

I'll just buy one lipstick aaaaaaand I'm broke.

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1. Whenever you need new makeup you immediately think of Priceline.

2. But you also know that it offers way more than just makeup.

3. It's your favourite place to stock up on everything you need to treat yo' self and yo' skin.


4. Every time you visit Priceline you leave looking like an artist's paint palette.

5. You usually spend way too much time in there.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

6. And basically your entire pay.

Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

7. So your Sisterclub payback is always a little too high.

Good problems?

Good problems?

8. The #pricelinehaul hashtag is one of your favourite to scroll through.

Michelle Rennex / BuzzFeed

9. And when you hear the words "flat lay", you automatically think of a Priceline haul photo.

10. You always buy 500 times more than you need on a 40% off sale day.

11. You love the gift-sets that save you mad cash.

12. And you always pray for a free gift bag deal to come up.


13. “Whenever you order online, you always add in random shit you don’t need to get free delivery.”


"Oh I only need to spend $55 more to save on the $9.95 delivery fee? No problem!"

14. If not you just really stock the fuck up on some Papaw Ointment.

Papaw, the cure for everything.

Papaw, the cure for everything.

15. You often forget that Priceline actually sells medication because you're so in awe of the makeup aisle...


16. well as the array of fake-tanning products...


17. ...or more often than not, the perfume wall.

Hannah Mars / Buzzfeed

18. At the end of the day you know Priceline is the closest we'll ever get to a drugstore...

19. ...and you just fucking love it.

Never change Priceline, never change.

Never change Priceline, never change.