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    9 Australian Conspiracy Theories That’ll Make You Question Everything

    Warning: Some may find this post disturbing. Graphic images ahead.

    1. The Perth Bell Tower is a hub for Freemasonry and is actually a copy of the Egyptian god Osiris' penis.

    Francois Guillot / Getty Images

    In ancient mythology, Osiris was god of all until his brother chopped him up and scattered him around the Earth. His wife Isis painstakingly reconnected his body parts and he was reborn, and became the ruler of the underworld. Freemasons allegedly aim to recreate the parts of Osiris through different monuments around the world. The Perth Bell Tower is said to be his penis, the Pyramids of Giza is his body, and the London Eye is his head. One conspiracy theorist suggests that the Bell Tower was designed by a Freemason and that the recreation of Osiris is based around his penis because Australia is known as the Land Down Under aka the Underworld.

    2. The Pine Gap satellite-tracking station is a UFO site and has a multi-level underground city.

    Terry Trewin / AAPIMAGE

    The highly-secretive Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, located near Alice Springs, is one of the largest ground satellite-tracking stations in the world. Partly run by the CIA, NSA, and NRO, Pine Gap is said to be Australia's Area 51. Pine Gap is so secretive that not even Australian Federal Parliament members know what takes place at the base. However, locals have spoken about several sightings of UFOs flying above, around, or from Pine Gap. Further sightings of copious amounts of food being stocked in warehouses on-site is said to suggest the existence of a multi-level underground city.

    3. Harold Holt didn't disappear into the ocean. He faked his death, was murdered, or was a Chinese double-agent.

    National Archives of Australia

    One of the biggest mysteries to plague Australia is the disappearance of our then-prime minister, Harold Holt, while he was swimming in 1967. There are a few common theories that people believe in, including Holt committed suicide as a result of the stress of the Vietnam War, or was assassinated by poisoning. The strangest theory is that Holt was working as a Chinese double agent and that once his cover was blown, he went into the ocean and was taken by a Chinese submarine.

    4. The Tasmanian tiger isn't actually extinct at all.

    Public Domain

    The last known Tasmanian tiger died in captivity in 1936 and was declared extinct in 1982, but the notion of Lazarus taxon, the paleontological concept of something being declared extinct to later be found on Earth again, makes some think it’s actually still alive. In 2013, a team of investigators claimed to find animal faeces likely belonging to the animal. Their argument for its existence stems from witnesses saying they’ve seen the animal and the fact that Tasmania is so remote and vast that they could easily be roaming undetected.

    5. The Port Arthur Massacre was a government conspiracy designed to enact strict gun laws.

    Str New
    Mark Kolbe / Getty Images

    In 1996, Martin Bryant killed 35 people and wounded 21 others in Port Arthur. Bryant was "borderline intellectually disabled" with an IQ equivalent to an 11-year-old, and had no military training, so some people find it hard to believe that he was able to kill and injure so many. Following the event, strict gun control laws were enacted and Bryant was placed in solitary confinement for eight months. Some people believe that Bryant was set up by the government to put in new gun control laws to ensure the Australian public could be controlled. They also say the reason he was in solitary confinement for so long was to ensure he couldn’t speak to anyone about the conspiracy that had occurred.

    6. Schapelle Corby was set up and was victim to a smuggling ring between the Australian government, police, and baggage handlers.

    Dimas Ardian / Getty Images

    In 2004, Schapelle Corby was arrested in Indonesia for smuggling 4.1kg of marijuana in her boogie board bag. She alleged that she was set up, and many who believe her argue that the drugs wouldn't have made it through both Sydney and Brisbane airports, considering the state they were in (the bag had been slashed, releasing the strong smell). These people allege that the Australian police and the baggage handlers in Australia may have been part of a large smuggling ring. Some also believe that the Australian police withheld vital evidence from the court for Schapelle's trial in order to maintain a good relationship with the Indonesian government.

    7. The Sydney siege was conducted by a government agent to justify Australian involvement in ISIS battles.

    Don Arnold / Getty Images
    The Morning Show / Seven Network

    In 2014, Man Haron Monis held-up and took hostages at the Lindt Cafe in Sydney where two people, and Monis himself, were killed. Conspiracy theorists believe that Monis did not act alone, alleging the accounts of what happened don’t really line up. During the siege, he made requests for police to deliver a Sunni ISIS flag to the building. However, some people think that as a Shia Muslim, it made little sense that he would request such a flag. There are also claims that the shooter was not Monis, but instead a government agent posing as him. These claims are based on images being released that supposedly show a stark difference in beard colour. Some people believe that this was done in order to gain support for Australia’s involvement in the war on ISIS.

    8. The geometric design of Canberra has links to the Illuminati.

    @mediaexposed /
    @betta_design / Flickr: betta_design

    Walter Burley Griffin designed the city plan for Canberra in 1913 to complement the hills, greenery, and river that surround the city. However, some believe that certain elements in Griffin's design have links to the occult. Some people have pointed out that the structural design of Parliament House itself mimic pyramids which play a big part in Illuminati beliefs. The original plans for the House had a pyramidal base, and the lawn on the raised slopes around the House enhance the pyramid design. The rings around Capital Hill, the location, and the position of Parliament House to the rest of Canberra is said to be representative of the Illuminati eye.

    9. The Hilton bomb was planted by the ASIO, who planned to showcase their skills by finding and disabling it before it detonated.

    Supplied/Fair Use

    In 1978, government leaders of former British colonies were staying at the Sydney Hilton Hotel for a Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, when a bomb exploded in a rubbish truck, killing three and injuring 10 others. It was believed that Hindu extremist group, Ananda Marga, were responsible for the attack, due to links to another attack on an Indian diplomat in Canberra the year before. The group was excused and compensated after it was revealed that the person who linked Ananda Marga to the attack was being paid to do so. The Whitlam government was critical of the NSW police and ASIO's poor organisation and coordination. Some allege that ASIO planted the bomb and had planned to find and disarm it before it detonated in order to dispel the government's criticism of them at the time.

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