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    17 Photos That Prove Australians Have Taken Food Way Too Far

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

    1. This meat pie and chicken parma combo that's straight from your nightmares:

    Instagram: @berettas_langwarrin /

    2. And this chicken parma bao that just didn't need to happen:

    Instagram: @cherryb8mb /

    3. These offensive nachos made of pizza Shapes:

    Instagram: @lil_bonza /

    4. And this parma topped with actual corn chips:

    Instagram: @berettas_langwarrin /

    5. This burger that needed a whole chopstick to stay upright:

    Imgur: @Moses007 /

    6. And this ode to America through a doughnut bun burger:

    Instagram: @eatdrinksleepau /

    7. This sorry excuse for a deconstructed pavlova:

    Instagram: @retrophoresis / Twitter: @retrophoresis

    8. This deconstructed meat pie that'll have you saying "fucking really?"

    Twitter: @lukechef / Twitter: @lukechef

    9. And this deconstructed sausage roll that'll have you rolling your eyes.

    Twitter: @HartsBakery / Twitter: @HartsBakery

    10. This "Coat of Arms" pizza which just shouldn't be:

    Instagram: @ecruzpavia /

    Emu and kanga-no thank you.

    11. Or this really jizzy-looking “fairy bread pizza”:

    Instagram: @tlouise15 /

    Those are not 100s and 1000s.

    12. This meat pie crust pizza which just seems like a bit of overkill:

    Instagram: @crazycowgirl92 /

    13. And this vegemite crust pizza that proves normal crust is simply not enough:

    Instagram: @twin2nottwin1 /

    14. This extremely OTT tomato sauce fountain:

    Instagram: @k_tl1 /

    15. And this milkshake that's just doing too much:

    Instagram: @johnny_pump_ /

    16. This highly unnecessary salty chocolate combination:

    Instagram: @owlsinsocks /

    17. And this absolutely ridiculous take on gingerbread men:

    Twitter: @louiserhodes / Twitter: @louiserhodes

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