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    4 May 2017

    21 Things That'll Make All Aussies Say "Oh, Just Fuck Right Off"

    Mate, you've honestly gotta be shitting me.

    1. This atrocious excuse for a sign.

    2. And this absolute disgrace to the nation.

    @tootiredtoriot / Via

    3. This knob's lettuce drying technique.

    @browncardigan / Via

    4. And this attempt at that fancy plating they do on Masterchef.

    @browncardigan / Via

    5. This mate who honestly couldn't just wait for his stop.

    @kristalleyoung / Via

    6. And this peak Byron Bay sign.

    @browncardigan / Via

    7. This hipster nonsense taking over our country.

    8. And this innocent sausage roll that definitely didn't deserve this.

    @brookebianca23 / Via

    9. This robbery that gives Shannon Noll a run for his money.

    @jwoodsy82 / Via

    10. And this beer that better have a metre-long neck.

    @gary_pool69 / Via

    11. This name for a construction company.

    @browncardigan / Via

    12. And this eye roll-inducing Hungry Jack's shocker.

    @tonybentley55 / Via

    13. This unnecessary meat pie combination.

    14. And this piss-poor excuse for one.

    @artisanbreadbasket / Via

    15. This summary of everything that's un-Australian.

    @dynamiike / Via

    16. And this simply unacceptable request.

    @dapatter / Via

    17. This unhygienic bread roll rule.

    @Auburn2144 / Via Facebook: auburn2144

    18. And this sign that's possibly worse than the soft-serve machine being broken.

    @Auburn2144 / Via Facebook: auburn2144

    19. This suppression of the finest form of creativity.

    @Nah, the girls / Via Facebook: nahthegirlsofficial

    20. This truly unbelievable date mix-up.

    21. And this absolute crime against Australia.

    Via Twitter: @stemail23


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