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23 Photos That Sound Fake To Anyone That's Ever Dealt With A Fuckboy

Yes I totally believe that I'm the only girl you're talking to.

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1. Not texting him back instantly when he hits you up after pissing you off.

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2. Only ever speaking to him directly and never on loudspeaker with other people.

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3. Telling your friends that you won't talk to him.

Instagram: @thefunnysavage / Instagram: @thefunnysavage

4. Keeping all screenshots from your conversations between you and him only.

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5. And not getting your best friends to co-author your texts after a fight.

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6. Believing fully that you're the only person that he's been talking to.

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7. And having your recently used emojis free of the smirk, the wink, or the smiling devil.

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8. Saving their name in your phone as their actual birth name.

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9. Opening a dick pic as soon as you get it, without letting your friends see it too.

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10. Playing a round of 20 questions and it not getting sexual in any way.

11. Seeing that late night "WYD" text and just rolling over and going back to sleep.

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12. Not sending a pic when he says "send me a pic bbygirl ;)".

13. Telling yourself you're not going to get annoyed when he talks to other girls.

when u see a girl all over ur man who not really ur man and u shouldn't be mad cus he aint yo man but that's ur man

14. And telling them that you're fine, and not posting anything petty on social media.

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15. Living up to all the dirty shit you said when you were texting the other night.

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16. And being totally chill when your dick appointment gets cancelled.

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17. Just ignoring him and not downloading Kik when he asks you to.

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18. Holding off on posting that fire selfie because you don't want him to hit you up.

19. Doing nothing suss, and especially not stalking him and all his exes on social media.

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20. Letting things that piss you off just slide because you're not petty.

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21. And definitely not getting upset when your petty plans backfire.

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22. Not overthinking why they haven't replied to you yet.

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23. And being absolutely fine and not mad at all when you've been left on read.

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